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All School Day held March 10, 2017!

Each year the SDSU School of Social Work joins other schools across the country in celebrating Social Work Month by having an All School Day.   On 3/10 our social work students, faculty and staff heard a keynote speaker (Dr. Celia Williamson) and a group of local panel members (Chief Deputy DA Summer Stephan, social workers Charisma De Los Reyes and Kiley Lazama, FBI agent Todd Hemman, and survivors Crystal Isle and Tom Jones) speak on human trafficking (why it’s important to the values & ethics of the social work profession — human rights, fairness and equity, access to services, racial justice, diversity justice, etc). The day was emceed by Anzette Shackleford of the Academy for Professional Excellence and a presentation concluded with a discussion of research implications led by our own Dr. Lianne Urada.