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April is Earth Month and we feature an alumna who works for environmental justice – Diane Takvorian!

Diane Takvorian

Diane Takvorian

While earning my BS at SDSU I got involved in civil rights and the women’s movement. I worked with local organizations serving vulnerable communities and I decided that social work would be a better fit for me than seeking an advanced degree in Psychology. I really wanted to pursue a degree that reflected my social justice values and that would give me a broad set of skills to organize and advocate for justice. Social work gave me a foundation of values, knowledge and skills that have served me well for many years.

While working at Community Congress of San Diego, Diane and her colleagues began to notice the “illegal dumping of toxics in poor communities of color and of the exposure of workers to harmful chemicals on the job.” This motivated them to form a volunteer group and found the Environmental Health Coalition (EHC), where they focused in organizing events and advocating for those communities that are highly impacted by pollution.