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Early Childhood Certificate

Early Childhood Socio Emotional & Behavior Regulation Intervention Specialist (EC-SEBRIS)

For MSW 2nd year students only

Master of Social Work students who would like to prepare in the field of Mental Health with young children ages 0-5 now have the option to receive this specialized certificate. In addition, this certificate meets the California Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Training Guidelines and Personnel Competencies.

The difference between the regular MSW program and the MSW/ EC-SEBRIS certificate program is that the MSW student will need to:

  • take an additional 3 units to earn the certificate
  • take the required EC-SEBRIS courses for their social work electives
  • take a field internship in an approved and supervised social work/early childhood mental health placement


Admission to the MSW/EC-SEBRIS certificate program takes place during the second year of study. MSW students need to file the regular SWORK 750 field application during the spring semester prior to enrollment in the certificate program. In addition, students need to file a csu-mentor application to enroll in the EC-SEBRIS program.




last updated: 4/10/2014