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Certificate in Social Work Administration Overview

The School of Social Work offers a Certificate in Social Work Administration for social workers who received their MSW degree with a specialization in clinical or direct practice and who are now in or interested in entering the administrative ranks.

The Certificate includes four courses: two Administration Practice courses provided for MSW Administration students, and electives in financial management and information systems. The electives are taught by experienced community practitioners or offered through equivalent courses in SDSU departments such as Public Administration. Details are at the Certificate Courses link. To accommodate the work schedules of agency staff, classes typically meet once a week from 4:00 to 6:40 p.m.

Program Goals

  • Enhance the skills and career prospects for MSWs who have moved into, or are interested in moving into, administrative positions
  • Augment the talent pools of promotable mangers and leaders with advanced administration knowledge and skills as well as a strong grounding in clinical practice
  • Contribute to increasing the effectiveness of human service organizations in terms of client outcomes and management capacity

Who Should Apply

  • MSWs who have recently been promoted to an administrative position
  • Direct service practitioners interested in enhancing their leadership and management capabilities
  • MSWs with little formal training in administrative practice
  • Other human services professionals who would like to add maximum value to their organizations when they are promoted to management levels


For additional information, contact Dr. Packard ( or visit this program at the SDSU College of Extended Studies site.