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MSW-ASP Overview

The MSW Advanced Standing Program (MSW-ASP) is a 1-year, 38-credit unit version of the normally 60-credit unit MSW Program, and is available to applicants who meet the additional requirements listed below on the MSW-ASP Admission Requirements page.

The Advanced Standing Program requires a full-time commitment of your time and energy due to the rigor of the program, beginning with the Summer bridge courses (SWORK 670, SWORK 671, & SWORK 610). In the fall term you will carry five graduate courses, including the twenty-hour per week advanced field practicum.

MSW-ASP Curriculum

See the MSW-ASP Course Sequence Guide.

The Curriculum for students in the Advanced Standing Program will parallel that of the regular students completing the second year of the MSW Program with the exception that advanced standing students will be required to take six units of “bridge courses” and a three-unit computer applications in social work course in the summer prior to beginning second-year advanced courses. Two of the three required Advanced Standing Program bridge courses (SW 670 and SW 671) will be offered during the first SDSU summer session. The third course (SW 610) will be offered in the second SDSU summer session.

Students in the Advanced Standing Program will be required to complete 38 credit hours to obtain a MSW Degree. The specific requirements for this program include the following:

  1. 6 units of generalist/foundation “bridge courses” (SW 670 and SW 671).
  2. 3 units of computer application for social work (SW 610).
  3. 29 units of advance study, including:
    • 3 units of advanced human behavior & social environment (SW 720)
    • 3 units of advanced social policy (SW 702)
    • 3 units of advanced research methods (SW 791 or SW 797)
    • 6-9 units of social work electives (SW 758, 780, 781, 798, 799A)
    • 14 units in a Method Concentration either Direct Practice or Administration/Community Development
      Direct Practice Administration/Community Development
      Practice – SW 744 (3) Practice – SW 740 (3)
      Practice – SW 739 (3) Practice – SW 745 (3)
      Adv. Field – SW 750A (8) Adv. Field – SW 750B (8)

Please note that advanced agency practicum selections will be slightly more limited for MSW-ASP students than they are for MSW II program students due to the scheduling of the MSW admissions, acceptance and advanced field placement process.

In addition to the above courses, students must complete either a Thesis (Plan A) or a comprehensive written examination (Plan B) in order to graduate.

A detailed description may be found in the Social Work section of the SDSU Graduate Bulletin. Included are admission requirements, detailed program requirements, and course and electives listings.





last updated: 10/7/2014