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PPS Credential Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for Post-MSW PPS Credential Applicants

How can I apply to the Post MSW program at SDSU to acquire the PPS-SSW Credential?

Please use the following link to get the steps to apply for the Post MSW PPS program.

Is there a certain timeline to apply?  Or can I apply any time during the year?

The Post MSW PPS program is a Fall start only.  The time frame to apply is the Fall semester before your actual start date.  For example, to begin the program in Fall 2017, you need to apply in Fall 2016.  One of the three required courses, SW 758 Seminar: School Social Work is only offered in Fall.

What is the cost of the two semester Post PPS-SSW program at SDSU?

The program is only offered through CSU as a matriculated student, thus the cost paid is the same as Post Bachelors Graduate fees for SDSU.  The estimates below were extracted from the following website for Fall 2016. The Post MSW PPS Program is no longer offered through Extended Studies.

Post Bachelor Graduate Student Basic Tuition Fee

Part Time 0-6.0 Units $2,759.00  & Full Time 6.1 + units $4,175.00

Typically, the full Post MSW PPS program is 7 units in the Fall, and 4 units in the Spring.

Can you tell me the difference between the various PPS credentials?

There are three types of Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) Credentials, they are listed here:

  • PPS – SP = School Psychologist
  • PPS – SC = School Counselor
  • PPS – SSW = School Social Work – this is the only PPS credential offered by SDSU School of Social Work, valid for grades K-12.

SDSU School of Social Work also offers the Child Welfare and Attendance (CWA) Specialization as part of the PPS credential.  It is not a separate credential, but is listed on the credential as an added feature of expertise.

How many hours are required for the PPS-SSW credential?

PPS – SSW requires 450 hours in two settings (preschool, elementary, middle, high).  One setting is the Primary setting (bulk of hours) and the Secondary setting is 100 hours minimum.  Any combination is accepted as long as both settings have 100 hours minimum.

CWA specialization requires an additional 150 hours and can be at either setting (primary or secondary as stated above).

Therefore, the PPS- SSW with the CWA specialization, you will complete 600 hours (450+150=600).

Can I acquire the PPS- SSW credential without the CWA specialization?

Yes, it is possible to acquire the PPS- SSW (no CWA) and that would be 450 hours total.

What is the course of study for the Post MSW PPS program for the PPS-SSW credential at SDSU?

FALL = SW 758 Seminar: School Social Work (3 units), SW 750 Advanced Field Practicum (4 units)

SPRING = SW 750 Advanced Field Practicum (4 units)

Can I use my place of employment to count for the required PPS hours in a school setting?

If you are working in a school setting and supervised by a PPS- SSW credentialed person, you may be able to count a percentage of your hours.  This is discussed with the PPS Coordinator and may require some verification of the setting and of supervision.  There are a number of hours that will NOT count as part of your employment, that minimum amount of hours is generally 100- 150 hours.

Who is qualified to sign the School Site Verification Form for the PPS required hours in a school setting?

Hours counted towards the PPS hours must be supervised and signed off by an MSW with a valid PPS credential.

I am a Marriage and Family Therapist; can I acquire the PPS-SSW credential offered by the School of Social Work at SDSU?

The Post MSW PPS- SSW credential at SDSU is only offered to candidates having received the Master’s in Social Work (MSW) from an accredited program.

Are any of the required courses offered on line or evening for working adults?

At this time, SW 758 Seminar: School Social Work is only offered during business hours, currently Thursdays 8:00am – 10:40am.  The required field course (SW750) has a seminar that meets bi- weekly at 11am on Mondays in both Fall and Spring.  There can be some accommodations with the PPS coordinator on SW 750 course attendance.  The field hours in a school setting are usually completed at elementary, middle or high schools and the hours are typically within the 7am- 4 pm time frame.

For more information contact:

Amalia B. Hernandez, MSW, PPSC


Acronyms Key

PPS – Pupil Personnel Services

SSW – School Social Work

CWA – Child Welfare & Attendance

CSU – California State University

MSW – Masters of Social Work