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BASW Community Corrections Case Management Specialization

Community Corrections Case Management Specialization

The Community Corrections Case Management Specialization was developed to give interested undergraduate social work students an opportunity to develop specific knowledge and skills in the area of forensic social work. In this specialty, students take their 3 electives in a choice of Criminal Justice Department courses (in lieu of social work electives) and they are placed in criminal justice settings such as San Diego Probation or SB618 Case Management Program among others, for their field internship (SW489A/SW489B) in their senior year. The specialty is limited to 10 students/year.

Special application including a one page essay regarding interest in the corrections field and a recent grade audit transcript (a 3.0 GPA is required) are to be submitted in students’ junior year to Dr. Yawen Li.

Requirements for Specialization

A minimum of nine units in the criminal justice major in lieu of social work electives. Required courses are Criminal Justice 300,  and two of the following: Africana Studies 380, Criminal Justice 330, 431, 531, or 543.

Students in this specialization will also be assigned to a criminal justice setting for their social work field practicum: Social Work 489A-489B (8 units).

Recommended: Criminal Justice 430

last updated: 7/15/2015