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BASW Environmental Social Work Specialization

Environmental Social Work Specialization

The Environmental Social Work Specialization is for pioneering students who are interested in working at the community level regarding environmental justice or equal access to clean air and water and decision-making regarding the living environment. The Specialization allows students to gain knowledge and skills regarding environmental issues, community outreach and organizing, and advocacy. In this program, students take two of their social work electives in the Sustainability major and a third elective on community organizing in the School of Social Work which give practical, hands-on experience. Students are also placed in a community-based environmental agency for their field internships (SW489A/SW489B) in their senior year. The specialization is limited to 3-5 students a year and students must be fluent in Spanish.

Special application including a one page essay regarding interest in this new area of social work practice and a recent grade audit (a 3.0 GPA is required) are to be submitted in the students’ junior year to Dr. Yawen Li.

Requirements for the Specialization

A minimum of 6 units in the Sustainability major in lieu of social work electives. Required courses are SUSTN353, SUSTN334, HIST441, or PHIL332. A social work elective, SW558 is also required.

Students in this specialization are also assigned to an environmental agency for their social work field practicum: SW489A/SW489B (8 units).



last updated 7/14/2015