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Emeritus Faculty

The School of Social Work recognizes the achievements of its emeritus faculty for their many contributions in building its programs and educating its outstanding graduates.


Terry CarrilioDr. Terry Carrilio (1997-2015) was an Associate Professor in the School of Social Work and the Director of its Social Policy Institute, working with the California Department of Health and Human Services to develop, implement, and evaluate comprehensive preventive home visiting programs for high risk families. Dr. Carrilio has worked both in direct practice, and as a program developer and researcher with vulnerable populations, including the elderly, mentally ill, addicts, and families in the child welfare system. She worked with the US Government as a senior analyst assessing issues of radicalization. Currently she works as a mental health clinician in an integrated care community health clinic, and volunteers with the American Red Cross as a Disaster Mental Health clinician. She also volunteers at the Humane Society with her therapy dog, Charlie.


Dr. Thom ReillyDr. Thom Reilly (2008-2014) was a professor and director of the School of Social Work. Prior to SDSU, Reilly served as county manager and CEO of Clark County, Nevada and was the former head of the state child welfare system in Nevada. While at SDSU, he was instrumental in obtaining the PhD program in Interdisciplinary Substance Use Studies, offered jointly with the UCSD School of Medicine. Currently, he is the director of Morrison Institute for Public Policy and a professor in the Arizona State University School of Public Affairs. He obtained both his doctorate and masters in public administration from USC and is a Fellow of the National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA).


Anita HarbertDr. Anita Harbert (1979-present) was a professor director of the School of Social Work.  She founded the University Center on Substance Abuse, and was the Executive Director of its Academy for Professional Excellence.   Throughout her career, Harbert received international recognition and was the successful recipient of millions of dollars in grants and contracts from national, state, and local agencies supporting social work education and training for public social services.  She continues to volunteer her time to run the SDSU Center on Aging.



Marion Kahn

Marion Kahn (1967-1983) grew up in New York City, lived in eight states and visited nearly 50 countries. She received her B.A from Queens College and Masters from the University of Wisconsin. Her social work career began in New York and continued in Connecticut, Wisconsin and North Carolina. After teaching social work in Virginia, she moved to San Diego in 1967 to teach at SDSU in the Social Work Masters program where she helped develop the local affiliate of (Council on International Programs) CIP, an international exchange program. Among her many community activities, she was a member of the San Diego Health Council and on the Board of San Diego Hospice. Following retirement, she continued her international travels, volunteered at local theatres, wrote a memoir, conducted oral histories for the San Diego History Center and became a regular member of a local writing workshop (where she called herself a “recovering academic”). Marion is survived by her son David, daughter-in-law Kathy and grandsons Daniel and Jeremy.

Audrey Shillington

Audrey Shillington, PhD, MSW, MPE (1997-2012) received her PhD from Washington University. She was Professor in the School of Social Work where she also served as the Associate Director of the Center for Alcohol and Drug Studies and Services. Currently, Dr. Shillington is Professor of Epidemiology at the Colorado School of Public Health, and is Professor and Director of the School of Social Work at Colorado State University (CSU). She has published over 50 peer-reviewed publications on behavioral health and prevention. She has been PI and Co-I on several R-level NIH NIDA, NIAAA, and U.S. Department of Education grants totaling over $11.5 million.  Specifically, her line of research has included substance use and risky sex risk reduction and psychometric research among transitional aged youth.


Dr. Inger Davis (1977-1996) received her PhD at the University of Chicago. A Full-Professor in the School of Social Work since 1981, Dr Davis is a prolific scholar and researcher in the area of child welfare services, and has been extremely successful in receiving external funds in this area. She was instrumental in the development of a joint master’s degree in social work and law for the School. Dr. Davis was the recipient of the SDSU Phi Beta Kappa Lectureship Award in 1987. In l992 she received the Outstanding Faculty Award for the College of Health and Human Services, as well as, the June Burnett Institute Outstanding Leadership Award on Behalf of Children, Youth and Families.

Dr. Maria Zuniga Dr. Maria Zuniga (1985-2003) joined the faculty in 1985 as a full professor and was a faculty member for 18 years. She taught in the direct practice concentration with a focus on mental health and children, youth and family issues. In addition to teaching, she was a consultant in culturally competent service delivery and published on cross-cultural aging and culturally competent interventions. She directed an NIMH training grant for Spanish Speaking Social Workers in Mental Health and the School’s Youth Enterprise Zone Project for At Risk Youth. She also served as the faculty advisor for the Latino Social Work Association.



Dr. Alan Siman Dr. Alan Siman (1974-2003) was the Associate Director of the School of Social Work for 17 years (1985-2002) and returned to teach for a year prior to retirement. He coordinated student and personnel issues for the school as well as the Pupil Personnel Services Credential program. He taught Cultural Pluralism for a number of years and was a dedicated member of the University’s Diversity and Equity Committee.



Dr. Joseph KelleyDr. Joseph Kelley (1968 – 2003) Dr. Kelley received his Ph.D. at Columbia University and joined the faculty in 1968 following extensive assignments as visiting professor and research fellow in Germany, Taiwan, Spain, Colombia and Mexico. He continues to play a key role with the Council on International Programs (CIP), a major international exchange program for health and human services professionals, established in 1956. SDSU School of Social Work has been a CIP affiliate since 1987, with Dr. Kelley at the helm.



Dr. John Landsverk Dr. John Landsverk (1990-2004) has been Director of the NIMH funded Child and Adolescent Services Research Center and Professor Emeritus in the School of Social Work at San Diego State University. He has a doctorate in sociology and has extensive and internationally known research experience in the areas of child maltreatment, children’s mental health in mental health services, as well as in the implementation and evaluation of innovative early interventions for families at risk for child abuse and neglect.



Dr. Percil StanfordDr. E. Percil Stanford (1972-2002) came to the faculty as The Director of the University Interdisciplinary Program On Aging. Prior to that he was an Officer in the U.S. Army, worked in the U.S. Dept. of Health Education and Welfare, in the Office of the Secretary and in the U.S Administration on Aging. As a Congressional Fellow, he served on the staffs of Senator Alan Cranston and Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm. At SDSU, he was Founding Director of the University Center on Aging, The National Institute on Minority Aging and the Gerontology Department and served as Interim Director of the School of Social Work. Dr. Stanford has published numerous books and articles, assumed leadership roles in several Aging organizations, earned Fellow status in recognition of contributions to the field and received many awards. He later held a Senior Vice President position at AARP and is currently President of Folding Voice and San Diego Kind Corporation.


  • Ajemian, James A. (1970-1998)
  • Baily, Kamilla U. (1966-1977)
  • Brennen, E. Clifford (1978-1983)
  • Butler, Harry (1975-2000)
  • Dean, Alfred (1985-2000)
  • Griffin, Ronald W. (1967-2001)
  • Guidry, Rosalind (1970-1989)
  • Haworth, Glenn O. (1966-1987)
  • Hughes, Margaret J. (1997-2004)
  • Ishikawa, Wesley H. (1969-1988)
  • Kukkonen, Ruth M. (1973-1989)
  • Raymer, Paul (1969-1995)
  • Reichert, Kurt (1970-1981)
  • Riehman, Lynne (1976-1986)
  • Sardinas, Maria A. (1968-1989)
  • Stanford, E. Percil (1973-2001)
  • Sucato, Vincent (1974-2003)
  • Valle, Juan Ramon (1974-1996)