Agency and Instructor Application Process

Thank you for your interest in adding your agency as a field practicum internship site for the San Diego State University Master’s level and/or Bachelor’s level social work or gerontology students.

We appreciate your future efforts in joining with us as a community partner and providing professional training for our students!

Steps to Applying


1) Review the following two documents:

2) Complete the Agency Site Application and the appropriate Instructor/Supervisor Profile Forms

Once we have received these forms, one of our field faculty members will contact you to schedule a prospective agency site visit.  During this visit, we can further discuss our field curriculum and course expectations; types of learning experiences that your agency/ program can offer our students; field instructor roles and responsibilities; and the significance of completing of the Agency Service Learning Agreement (doc, updated Jan. 2015).  See instructions for completing/renewing the Agency Service Learning Agreement (pdf).

3) Complete the Field Instructor Trainings

Once approved, all field instructors must complete:

  1. two Live In-Person Training Seminars
  2. online training modules and quizzes


Contact the field administration staff at (619) 594-5197 or