Social Workers and Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children, commonly referred to as CSEC is a form of Human Trafficking that affects minors and youth around the nation and around the world. CSEC is a broad term that includes any form of sexual exploitation of a minor under the age of 18 who may be a Foreign National, Immigrant, […]

Police, Minority Communities, and Trauma by David Eisenberg, LCSW, Ph.D.

I didn’t plan this, but it ends up that my social work career has had an underlying focus on trauma. My first professional assignment involved studying the traumatic consequences for frail elders when moved involuntarily. Forty years later I am working with suicidal veterans. In between I’ve had a whole host of work experiences that […]

Social Work’s Role in Promoting Resilient Communities through Partnership with State and Local Police by Terry Carrilio, Ph.D. and David Eisenberg, Ph.D.

The “securitized” relationship between police and disenfranchised communities has been highlighted recently by the unrest in Ferguson, MO and the polarized public debates about race, oppression, police tactics, and social exclusion. Social work, which has historically advocated for disenfranchised populations and promoted community resiliency, is uniquely placed to work with local communities and police agencies […]