Learning about SIDS by Jeri Wilson, MSW

For me, deciding whether or not to learn about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome was not an option, it was a necessity. My daughter Jenelle died during a nap of SIDS on March 1, 1993 while in daycare. I had heard about SIDS but had no idea how a baby as healthy as mine could die […]

Finding the Joy in Self-Care by Nina Tomkiewicz

This summer I have been reflecting on the concept of “self-care,” mostly asking myself, “What is self-care, anyway?” It’s a buzzword in the world of social work, and probably any other helping profession with risk of ‘burnout’ and the more recently coined term ‘compassion fatigue.’ We must engage in self-care to prevent the loss of […]

Psychiatric Social Work in the ER by Candy Elson, LCSW

As some of you know, I work in a local emergency room as a “psychiatric liaison” a couple of week-ends a month and sometimes I get called in for four hours of an evening is someone calls in sick and they need coverage. You never know what to expect and it is amazing the number […]

Response to “Ramadan in Istanbul” by Tiago Antonio

Maysun, Thank you for sharing your story with us. I was really moved by it! My favorite part of your essay was the passage that says, “Society tolerates you. It doesn’t accept you.” I liked this part because I agree with you. I think society strives to tolerate the people, concepts, ideas, and etc, that […]

Ramadan in Istanbul by Maysun Khan, MSW student

June 27, 2015. Adhans rang melodically through the air as the sun set leaving a reddish glow to frame the waterfront. People gathered in the parks, sitting in circles on the grass and passing around disposable plates piled high with dates, olives, and halal meats. There was celebration on the cobblestone streets. It was Ramadan […]

Making Skeletons Dance by Kurt Wellman

We all have a “story“ or certain events and experiences that shape our future, define our present and help anchor us to the world in which we live. Our past is the foundation upon which we build our future and we cannot escape our past just as we cannot escape our shadow on a sunny […]