Missions Statement Text

To facilitate the development of JDP trainees who, upon graduation, are capable of conducting high caliber, high impact and meaningful substance use research to reduce the impact of problems related to substance use and co-occurring diseases.

Upon graduation JDP graduates will:

  1. Apply and build upon extant social science theories and conceptual models related to
    substance use research
  2. Lead new avenues of research to prevent initiation of substance use and addiction and
  3. Develop and evaluate applied prevention and harm reduction programs related to substance use and misuse and associated health and societal outcomes

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, a master’s degree is required. Any related field is acceptable, but foundational research experience (e.g., peer reviewed publication and graduate level recommended research courses) is required.

Yes, you can find a list of potential faculty advisors on the IRSU Faculty page and Division of Infectious Diseases and Global Public Health page.

The minimum TOEFL score is 80 for iBT test or 550 for the PBT test. The scores must be recent, within the past two years.

Current SDSU policy requires the GRE as part of an applicant’s package. If you have additional questions regarding the GRE, please reach out to us at: [email protected].

No. Please just answer “See supplemental application.” in the CalState application.

No, please DO NOT send any application materials to UC San Diego at this time. AFTER you are selected for admission to the Joint Doctoral Program you will be required to complete a UC San Diego application. Only those students who are admitted to the program and elect to come need to complete the UC San Diego application process. After formal notification from SDSU, students will receive material from UC San Diego.

We accept students for Fall admission only. We do not have Spring admissions.

No, we require full-time attendance and participation.

Acceptance is determined by multiple factors and is based on the entire application package; your prior research experience, recommendations, publications, GRE scores, and prior coursework all factor into our decision.

Statements of purpose, letters of recommendation, vitae, and essays are all part of the supplemental online application submitted through Interfolio.

No, contacting a professor directly about your application will not better your chances of being accepted. It is, however, appropriate to contact professors ahead of time to find out more about their research if you are considering applying to work with them.

Please visit the “Financial Support and Costs” tab on the IRSU JDP website (top right-hand corner) for more information. We continuously update this tab with potential funding opportunities. In addition, you check UCSD scholarship and financial aid information and SDSU scholarship and financial aid information