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Master of Social Work and Master of Public Health

MSW / MPH Brochure
MSW / MPH Brochure (pdf)

The School of Social Work and the Graduate School of Public health offer a three-year concurrent graduate program leading to a Master of Social Work and a Master of Public Health. The objective of the concurrent program is to offer preparation in the fields of public health and social work. Students in this concurrent program must select the social work administration methods focus area.

A four-semester field practicum is required and begins in Year Two. Students are also required to complete a thesis. The thesis incorporating theory, method, and analytic techniques from both disciplines is the culminating experience for the concurrent program leading to the MSW and MPH degrees.

A detailed description may be found in the Social Work section of the SDSU Graduate Bulletin. Included are admission requirements, detailed program requirements, and course and electives listings.

Information Sessions

Information sessions are held several times per semester for potential MSW and MSW-dual degree applicants.

Please check the main MSW Information Sessions page for the updated flyer/dates.

Course Sequence Guide

Year 1 – Fall

  • SW 601 Seminar in Social Welfare Policy and Services (3)
  • SW 619 Human Behavior in the Social Environment (3)

Year 1 – Spring

  • SW 620A Seminar in Human Behavior and Social Environment (3)
  • SW 690 Seminar in Social Work Research Methods (3)

Year 2 – Fall

  • SW 630 Social Work Practice: A Generalist Perspective (3)
  • SW 650 Field Practicum (3-8) Cr/NC

Year 2 – Spring

  • SW 631 Social Work Practice: Individuals, Families,
  • and Groups (3)
  • SW 632 Social Work Practice: Organizations and Communities (3)
  • SW 650 Field Practicum (3-8) Cr/NC

Year 3 – Fall

  • SW 720  Civic Engagement & Social Environment (3)
  • SW 740 Adv Sem Social Wk Admin (3)
  • SW 755 Advanced Field Practicum (4-8) Cr/NC
  • SW 797 Research (3)

Year 3 – Spring

  • SW 745 Sem: Adv Admin Models (3)
  • SW 755 Advanced Field Practicum (4-8) Cr/NC
  • SW or PH 799A Thesis (3)

Application Procedure

Applicants for the MSW/MPH program follow the standard MSW application procedure (see the MSW Admissions page) AND the MPH application procedures.  

The completed applications will be reviewed *by both* the SDSU School of Social Work and the SDSU Graduate School of Public Health.




last updated: 11/14/2017