BASW Stipend Requirements

BASW Title IV-E stipend recipients must fulfill the following coursework and post-graduation employment requirements:

Coursework Requirements

BASW Title IV-E stipend recipients complete the standard sequence of courses towards fulfilling the BASW degree at San Diego State University, while selecting electives in child welfare to include:

  • SW 400 – Child Welfare Practice (Fall semester), and
  • SW 410 – Social Work Practice with Families (Spring semester)

BASW Title IV-E stipend recipients complete the field internship portion of the BASW program at San Diego County Child Welfare Services (CWS) and are required to participate and attend additional workshops and trainings to enhance their preparation.

Post-Graduation Employment Requirement

Upon graduation, BASW Title IV-Estipend recipients have an employment requirement of one year of full-time employment in a California county or state public child welfare agency.

Indigenous graduates may also complete their employment requirement in a California Reservation Child Welfare Services agency, urban Indian agency in California serving Title IV-E eligible children and families, or a non-California Reservation Child Welfare Services agency.

See the FAQ page for terms of disqualification and repayment.

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