Title IV-E refers to a section of the Social Security Act which provides funds for achieving the goal of improving the quality of care of children in foster care, reducing the number of children in foster care, returning children to their homes as soon as conditions permit, and facilitating the permanent placement of children who cannot be returned to their homes.


There are up to six SDSU stipends awarded to full-time BASW students each year.

The number of stipends available for MSWs varies each year, but there are a total of 35 SDSU stipends for full-time students and a total of 20 educational reimbursement awards for part-time, county employee students.

All stipend awardees must sign a contract that specifies their responsibilities and obligations of the Title IV-E program.


Full-time students receive their award in four monthly checks each semester provided by the SDSU Research Foundation. Part-time county employee MSW students are reimbursed for their tuition and fees, books and mileage.


As a condition of receiving support, stipend recipients have an employment requirement post-graduation in a California public child welfare agency.  See the BASW Stipend Requirements or the MSW Stipend Requirements for details.

Indigenous graduates may complete their work commitment in the following settings as alternatives to California child welfare services:

  • a reservation or rancheria providing child welfare services in California,
  • an urban Indian agency in California serving Title IV-E eligible children and families, or
  • a reservation providing child welfare services in another state.
  • Failure to graduate with a BASW or MSW degree
  • Failure to seek work in a county child welfare or appropriate tribal or indigenous agency
  • Voluntary termination, or involuntary termination of employment before completion of the work requirement due to poor work or misconduct
  • Serious violation of the NASW Code of Ethics
  • Conviction of a felony or a crime involving harm to children


Stipend recipients who become disqualified or do not meet the coursework or employment responsibilities of the stipend are responsible for repayment of the stipend, interest, and any costs of collection.


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