Stipend Programs

MSW Title IV-E Child Welfare Stipend Program

Title IV-E Stipend Program provides professional education and monetary support to graduate social work students who intend to pursue or continue a career in the field of public child welfare.

Per CalSWEC, the goals of the Title IV-E Stipend Program:

  • To increase the number of PCW workers in California with MSW degrees
  • To prioritize the enrollment of current state/county/Tribal social services staff
  • To prioritize the enrollment of students who reflect the diversity of California’s child welfare population
  • To provide specific program support through the provision of monetary support to students
  • To provide specific program support through a specialized competency-based child welfare curriculum

The Title IV-E program at SDSU is particularly interested in attracting students with a strong social justice value orientation and commitment to address the larger economic, social and political issues impacting children and families in child welfare services. Motivation to develop strong direct practice knowledge and skills working with families and increasing organizational and community strengths are highly desired:

  • Full-time MSW students receive $18,500 per year for each of the two years of their MSW program, totaling $37,000.
  • Part-time MSW students who are concurrent employees of a county or the state Department of Social Services and who are supported by their administration, receive reimbursement for tuition and fees, required books, and a travel allowance for each day of class or fieldwork with some limitations, for the entire duration of their MSW program, for up to four years.

Upon graduation, MSW Title IV-E stipend and educational reimbursement recipients have an employment requirement of two years of full-time employment in a California county or state public child welfare agency. Advanced Standing Program students may  be eligible for one academic year of support for one year of full-time employment.

Indigenous graduates may also complete their employment requirement in a California Reservation Child Welfare Services agency, urban Indian agency in California serving Title IV-E eligible children and families, or a non-California Reservation Child Welfare Services agency.

MSW Integrated Behavioral Health Stipend Program

The Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH) Program (formerly called the MHTP – Mental Health Training Program) provides stipends for SDSU Master of Social Work (MSW) students who are planning careers in behavioral health services.

Through a competitive process, students are selected to receive a stipend in the final year of the MSW program.  Each student completes specialized courses and a field placement in a county-operated or county-contracted community-based mental/behavioral health agency.

Students may receive a total of $18,500 (if enrolled full-time). A student who receives a full-time stipend has a service obligation to work full-time for one calendar year in a county-operated or county-contracted behavioral health agency following graduation.

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