Curriculum Map

Degree Learning Outcomes (DLOs) Capacity Levels 

The curricula for BASW and MSW degrees within the SDSU School of Social Work are based on the nine competency-centered learning outcomes established by the Commission on Accreditation (COA) of the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). The nine competencies are designed to build capacity for student achievement from generalist (BASW) to advanced specialist (MSW) practice.  Courses in the BASW curriculum are considered at the Basic Competency-Centered Level, courses in the MSW Foundation Year curriculum are considered at the Intermediate Competency-Centered Level, and courses in the MSW Advanced Year curriculum are at the Advanced Competency-Centered Level.  

Additionally, student learning capacity is demonstrated across each course with a specified degree of learning: Introduced, Practiced, Demonstrated.

  1. Introduced: Students are introduced to basic knowledge, concepts, theories and/or ideas that support the learning outcome.
  2. Practiced: Students are given the opportunity to strengthen and support the development of knowledge and skills necessary in order to achieve the desired level of competency (basic, intermediate, advanced). Students may require assistance in some applications.
  3. Demonstrated: Students can integrate all of the skills, knowledge, abilities, and attitudes necessary to complete the student learning outcome independently.

The coded capacity levels were collectively discussed across the SDSU School of Social Work’s Curriculum Committee. Curriculum mapping and coding will be reviewed annually in conjunction with the School’s program assessment CSWE outcome results.

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