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Pupil Personnel Service Credential

PPS Brochure
PPS Brochure
(pdf, updated 10/8/2014)

The School of Social Work is accredited by the State of California Department of Education to offer the Pupil Personnel Services Credential in School Social Work and the Pupil Personnel Services Credential in Child Welfare and Attendance.

The credentials can be awarded under two conditions:

  1. As part of the regular MSW program being completed during the second year of coursework. Students would be assigned to a second year SW 750 (Direct Practice / Children, Youth, and Families) advanced field practicum internship in an approved and supervised school placement. In addition, students must take SW 758 (School Social Work) as their fall elective course and SW 798 (Independent Study, 1 unit) as their spring elective course.
  2. As a Post MSW student through CalState Apply. Interested professionals must contact the PPS Coordinator and apply for the program which consists of 14 units, taken over two semesters beginning in the fall of each year. The program includes SW 758 (School of Social Work – 3 units), and SW 750 (4 units each semester) SW 750 is a 20-hour per week internship held during the academic year (beginning the end of August through mid-May) and is required to accumulate the necessary time for the credentials.

A detailed description may be found in the Social Work section of the SDSU Graduate Bulletin. Included are admission requirements, detailed program requirements, and course and electives listings.

PPS Credential Faculty and Course Syllabi


PPS Credential Application Procedure

  • Current SDSU MSW students interested in the PPS credentials need only file the regular MSW II, SW 750, Advanced Field Application during February, prior to the fall enrollment. Unless demand is high, current SDSU MSW students will generally be admitted to the credential program.  Please contact Amalia Herandez (amalia.hernandez@mail.sdsu.edufor details.
  • Post-MSW students – Please follow the application instructions below.  Admission is based upon available internship sites. Preference is give to current SDSU MSW students. Official acceptance does not occur until late spring when all current SDSU MSW students have been placed.

Pupil Personnel Services Credential Application Instructions for Post-MSW Students

The application period for Fall 2018 entry opens on October 1, 2017.

1. Submit the Cal State Apply Online Application
by March 1, 2018

  • An application fee applies.
  • A SDSU “Red ID” number will be assigned which allows tracking of application status.

2. Submit the School of Social Work (SDSU Decision Desk) Online Application
by March 1, 2018

The SDSU Decision Desk application will ask that you upload:

  • copies of transcript(s)
    Upload transcript documenting your MSW degree coursework.
  • resume
    Upload a resume of your professional experience. Include field experience descriptions.
  • statement of purpose
    Upload a letter expressing your interest in the Post-MSW PPS program and in the SDSU School of Social Work. Describe changes in your work schedule which will be required in order to fulfill these requirements.
  • names and email address of two references
    Provide the names and emails for references who will be asked to submit letters of recommendation electronically. At least one must be from a supervisor.

3. Submit Official Test Scores and Official Transcripts to SDSU Graduate Admission
by April 1, 2018

  • Have official GRE (and if applicable, TOEFL) test scores sent by ETS directly to SDSU Graduate Admissions (institution code 4682).
  • Mail official transcripts from all colleges attended to SDSU Graduate Admissions (Students who attended SDSU need only submit transcripts for work completed since last attendance):

SDSU Graduate Admissions 
5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, CA 92182-7416


See the PPS Frequently Asked Questions (pdf)

For further information, please contact Amalia Hernandez, PPS Coordinator, 619-594-6259, or email:


updated date: 8/13/2017