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MSW Stipend Programs

MSW Title IV-E Child Welfare Stipend Program

Through a competitive process, social work BASW and MSW students committed to careers in public child welfare may apply for education support in the form of stipends or educational reimbursements.

Upon graduation, conditions of the support are satisfied after a successful employment period within a California public child welfare agency.

MSW Integrated Behavioral Health Stipend Program

The Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH) Program (formerly called the MHTP – Mental Health Training Program) provides stipends for SDSU Master of Social Work (MSW) students who are planning careers in behavioral health services.

Through a competitive process, students are selected to receive a stipend in the final year of the MSW program.  Each student completes specialized courses and a field placement in a county-operated or county-contracted community-based mental/behavioral health agency.

Students may receive a total of $18,500 (if enrolled full-time). A student who receives a full-time stipend has a service obligation to work full-time for one calendar year in a county-operated or county-contracted behavioral health agency following graduation.