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Minor in Social Work

The minor in social work consists of 24 units to include:

  • Psychology 101
  • Sociology 101
  • Social Work 110, Social Work Fields of Service (3)
  • Social Work 120, Intro to Social Work and Social Welfare (3)
  • Social Work 350, Cultural Pluralism (3)
  • Social Work 360, Human Behavior and the Social Environment (3)
  • Social Work 370, Social Policies and Social Issues (3)

and three (3) units elected from one of the follow:

  • Social Work 400, Social Work Practice: Child Welfare
  • Social Work 410, Social Work Practice: Family Issues
  • Social Work 420, Aging and Social Services
  • Social Work 430, Alcohol and Other Drug Problems
  • Social Work 496, Experimental Topics

Courses in the minor may not be counted toward the major, but may be used to satisfy preparation for the major and general education requirements, if applicable.

A minimum or six upper division units must be completed in residence at San Diego State University.





last updated: 7/17/2014