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All MSW students enroll in the field practicum.

Over the course of a two-year period, the field practicum is expected to provide “in vivo” experiences relevant to academic content.  Each field course includes two major components: the practicum agency internship and the school-based practicum labs. Field instruction prepares the students for professional practice and competence in social work by helping them develop the values, knowledge, and skills they will need to assume a range of professional roles.

The Field Education Structure

All students in the field practicum must be concurrently enrolled in, and must satisfactorily complete the appropriate practice classes during the first and second years of field instruction. Students must have a “C” or better in the practice class to continue the field education process.

Foundation Year and Advanced Year Field Practicum course placements must be in different agencies with different field instructors, each of which must meet the criteria and objectives for that year of field instruction. Students are assigned to the MSW I Foundation Year practicum that exposes them to a generalist experience, including micro, mezzo, and macro practice and a broad range of clientele. The MSW II Advanced Year Practicum is coordinated with a student’s choice of concentration and specialization.

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