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Contact the field administration staff at (619) 594-5197 or [email protected].

Field Faculty

Silvia A. Barragán, MSW, LCSW
Director of Undergraduate Field Education
Principal Investigator for Lead and Learn from the Heart: A Social Emotional Learning Program
International Program Coordinator
(619) 913‑2245 [email protected] 
Paul Brazzel, MSW, LCSW, PPS-C
Pupil Personnel Services Credential Coordinator
Field Faculty
(619) 594-2150 [email protected]
Luis Contreras, MSW, LCSW
Field Faculty
(619) 594-2381 [email protected]
Amalia Hernandez, MSW, PPS-C
Project and Field Coordinator, Title IV-E Program
(619) 594-8709 [email protected]
Amanda Lee, MSW, LCSW
Director of Field Education
PBH MSW Training Program Coordinator
(619) 594‑5144 [email protected]
Katherine Morrill, MSW, LCSW
Field Faculty
(978) 821‑4581 [email protected]
Shelly Paule, MSW, LCSW
Field Faculty
(619) 594-2381  [email protected]
Kathleen Phelps, MSW, LCSW
Faculty Liaison and Lecturer
(619) 743-2879 [email protected]
Carmen Robles, MSW, LCSW
Field Faculty
(619) 723-0340 [email protected]
Marci Siegel, MSW, LCSW
Field Faculty
(619) 594-6866 [email protected]
Kayla Whaley, MSW, LCSW
Field Faculty
(619) 736-0891 [email protected]
Haile Wright, LCSW
Field Faculty
  [email protected]
Ernie Zúñiga, MSW
Site and Field Coordinator, SDSU Imperial Valley Campus
(760) 768‑5526 [email protected]

Field Administration Staff

Maria McClean (619) 594-5197 [email protected]

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